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Use of Masjid/Madrasah Funds

I hope and pray Hadhrat is well.
I would like to ask regarding the issue of utilising Masjid and Madrasah saving funds.
Our Masjid has two bank accounts. Each bank account holds considerable sums of money amounting to many thousands of pounds. The money lies dormant and is not in use for any purpose. The money has been collected from boxes in masjid marked ‘for use by Masjid and Madrasah’
At the same time the two imams that are employed at the masjid receive very small salaries. they are unable to make arrangements for their own living quarters and reside with relatives instead resulting in what they say is great difficulty for their families. Our area rental and purchase prices of homes is very high.
Is it permissible for the Masjid mutawalis to lend the money from the Masjid accounts to the Imams so that they may purchase houses and thereafter repay the masjid the money borrowed?
We have some mutawallis quoting Hadhrat Maulana Fadhlur Rahman Saheb as saying that this money cannot be used to assist the Imams.
We would appreciate your clarification in this matter.
May Allah reward you.

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